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Tioman Island

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Tioman Island, Pulau Bawah in local parlance, has been acclaimed by a number of international publications as one of Asia's most desirable holiday leisure destinations. The island is without question breathtaking in its geological, ecological and environmental beauty. As well as an ideal place to regale your friends and family, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Stunning Tioman vista
Stunning Tioman vista

Exotic, gorgeous and otherworldly at the same time, Tioman continues to enchant its countless visitors, who flock to the island from the immediate region, Singapore and Malaysia, as well as from further afield, such as Indonesia and Korea and even Europe, and Australia.

Pretty island set in the sea

Located offshore by about 45 kilometers, Tioman is part of the state of Pahang, but connected to Mersing, which itself is located in the state of Johor. It is Mersing that offers the dedicated ferry service required to get to Tioman.

Idyllic beaches, untouched spectacular scenery and wondrous natural structures, Tioman at times appears a place where myth and reality meet. In particular Tioman's raw, powerful and unspoiled beauty has to be seen to be believed.

Hidden paradise
Hidden paradise

Malaysia's last hidden paradise

Part of Tioman's wide appeal can also be attributed to the broad spectrum of accommodation types it offers. From basic cottage with cold shower and a fan to cool the interior, to full-on exclusive retreats, nestled within private coves and beaches and replete with exotic spa and wellness centers, private beaches and culinary treats. Tioman has it all.

Travel Tips

Planning to go spend a few days in Tioman? Just hop on a bus to Mersing and take the ferry. Buses and coaches depart from KL, Kuantan, Penang, Melakka, Johor and even Port Dickson, as well as other towns.

Comfortable and affordable bus
Comfortable and affordable bus

Obviously, you can also take a bus from Singapore. Golden Mile, Singapore Flyer, Lavender are the more well known departure points. There's also a shuttle that departs from Newton, though it's not quite as comfy, albeit cheaper.
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Ferry to Tioman

Booked your accommodation in Tioman, but not yet your ferry tickets? Then it's good to know that it's the ferry to Tioman that tends to be the bottle-neck to the island. Typically, there are more than enough rooms available on Tioman, even during school and public holidays. However, it's the lack of adequate ferry seats that may prevent travelers from getting to their room.

All aboard...
All aboard...

The main cause of this is the shallow Mersing river mouth, Tioman's ferry point of departure. In practice, the ferry can only sail during the high water mark. So make sure you book your ferry tickets well in advance.

Last pointer: Tioman's busy season is from July - August, with July/August being absolute peak season. December to February are monsoon season, which tends to be a wet and blustery time of year.

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